Rooms, by Wondr Medical. Where you, and the World's medical professionals, meet. 

The secure and compliant platform where the global medical community meets to learn, share and discuss.

Trusted by World-leading Societies and Industry Companies

Medical teams want secure, fast, mobile friendly ways to share patient information, gather opinions and stay up to date.

Why Medical Professionals choose Wondr Medical

Have easier and faster access to your medical community. Use multiple private or public rooms to organise your network in a way that suits you best.
Real-time communication, that you control. From clinical work to conferences, Rooms brings your community to life. 

Simple and effective collaboration.

A better way to organise medical networks.

Keep in touch all year round.

Rooms, by Wondr Medical is an innovative app developed to meet the needs of today's healthcare community. 

A pioneering, user-centric approach to medical communication.

What's said in Rooms, stays in Rooms.

Wondr Medical is a global digital healthcare platform. We provide compliant connectivity, collaboration and knowledge exchange for the healthcare community.

We aim to give every member of the medical community the tools they need to learn, collaborate and care.
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Rooms is secure and HIPAA compliant. We use industry-leading encryption standards, ensuring messages are protected between devices and secure from 3rd party access.
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